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Do You Know Your Buyer Persona?

October 18, 2015

My fiancé watches the reality competition show Project Runway. So I watch the reality competition show Project Runway. Most times I end up catching up on some reading or review my work game plan for the week. This episode was different. The JustFab fashion director Yuchin Mao introduced five style personas, and the designers had to create sellable, wearable looks based on the style personas. The topic immediately peaked my interest.

The style personas were: project_runway_images

  1. Trendsetter – risk-taker, edgy and eclectic
  2. Modern Classic – owns the tailored look
  3. Bombshell – not afraid to be sexy, not one to shy away from the spotlight
  4. Girl Next Door – casual and easy spirit
  5. Femme Nouveau – romantic at heart, epitome of flirt and femininity

The results of the designers were more on target overall as compared to other episodes I’ve seen. I attribute this to identifying the persona. The personas defined the direction the contestants should design toward their goal. Although the host, Tim Gunn’s catchphrase, is, “make it work!” this is not always helpful and never specific. Designers need to know who the end user or style persona is to design effectively. As a small business owner, a key element of your marketing strategy should be knowing your buyer persona(s) so you can market effectively.

Do these questions keep you up at night or do you know the answers and live by them?

  1. Do you and your employees struggle to identify your buyer persona or personas?
  2. Did you create a buyer’s persona years ago and never updated the persona?
  3. How often do you revisit your buyer persona(s)?
  4. Do you target your content with your buyer persona(s) in mind?

Leading Results can help you ask the right questions for your buyer persona surveys and interviews.

Buyer Persona Template

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