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Demo Videos are Great – But Let’s Make Them Better

October 23, 2018

If you’re anything like our clients when you hear the word ‘video,’ you have a voice in your head that also says, “Demo videos!!!” I’ve written about when to use different types of videos before, and I mentioned that demo videos are only a small part of the ‘convert’ phase in the inbound methodology.

But today we’re going to talk about making your average, run-of-the-mill demo video a fantastic tool for both converting AND attracting.

But first, an anecdote: We helped a client create a video Facebook ad. This company had an elaborate video shoot planned – but at the last second, everything fell apart. They still needed video for the Facebook ad, of course, so we proposed an idea.

The company had a surplus of demo videos, but demo videos don’t make for attention-grabbing ads! So we chopped up several different demos and focused on the points that were the most important for viewers to see – the key features, benefit, and then a quality that makes the product stand out.

Short and sweet is the name of the game when creating Facebook ads, so it was crucial that we pull only the MOST important parts of the demo. We replaced the recorded audio descriptions with a bulleted list of what each feature could do, allowing us to shorten the explanation and focus on what mattered; we turned a 3-minute, 12-second demo video into a 37-second ad.

Check it out below.


Demo videos are a fantastic tool when used correctly – but using them correctly is challenging. Therefore, after creating the client video, I sat down and put together a foolproof plan for turning demos into ads. It’s very simple, just like the ads should be. Fitting, right?

Three key features

I’m sure your demo video has more than three features, but more than three is overwhelming. Overloading your audience with information leaves little room for conversation after they’re finished watching the video. You want your audience to say “Wow, I really liked the idea of this feature, but I could use a little bit more detail, so I’m going to look for more content or maybe reach out to the company.” Your ad is solely to give a snippet of what the features do; the rule of three creates just enough interest to intrigue viewers but not enough to overwhelm them.


People only care about what benefits them. If you fill your ad with things that are only important to you, your video’s traction will be dismal. To keep your video short, address only one benefit – and bonus points if you can relate it back to the three features you mentioned! The benefit doesn’t need to be technical; it could be how the product resonates with the viewer emotionally. For example, if your product relieves the stress of X, Y, and Z, talk about that. Just because it’s a demo video doesn’t mean it has to be black and white processes. Address your viewers’ pain points.

Something that makes you stands out

Include your company’s differentiator in the ad! This is a good practice to remember when creating any piece of content but especially in a video that only lasts a few seconds. You want your message to stick, so to help your audience remember you, slip in that your product is the leading (fill in the blank), add in the “if you aren’t satisfied we can…” If you don’t mention your authenticity, your viewer will likely stop watching or, even if they finish watching, will forget you as soon as they exit the page. 


If you’ve read our stuff before, you know there needs to be a step after the content. The viewer needs a button or link to lead them to the next phase of the process – a call-to-action. It could be a button that says, “Click here to see the full video” or “Click here for more detail.” A video is just a stop sign if you have nothing for the viewer to do afterward.

Repurposing demo videos is a great way to create more content with less work. Your viewers will still enjoy watching, and you’ll still get the traction you want. For more information about turning a demo video into a Facebook ad, contact us! (We can even offer other samples.)

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