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Controlling Your Digital Destiny: Digital Assets You Need Access To

October 10, 2017

Would you ever create a Facebook account for yourself and give the password to a person who doesn’t know you well? They’d have complete access to control how your family and friends see you online, and you’d have to go through that person to make any changes. Not a good idea.

You may have been in a similar situation with an agency that helped you create your business’s online presence. This can include a Google My Business page, social media accounts, or a website; whatever it is, they kept all the login information to themselves.

This should never happen, because what do you do when you want to leave that agency? Many times, you’re charged to gain access to YOUR OWN ASSETS.

This blog will walk you through understanding what your digital assets are, how to take ownership of them, and how to keep them protected to ensure control over your business’s digital destiny.

Digital Asset Checklist

You’re probably asking, “What are my digital assets, anyway?” When we say “digital assets,” we mean anything related to your business (including images and logos), that leave an online trace to your business. Chances are, you’ve paid money and spent a lot of time getting those assets created and managed.

Below are common digital assets all business owners should have access to:

How to Take Ownership of Your Digital Assetsdigital assets, flow chart, plans, servers, devices.jpg

To take complete ownership of all digital assets, take part in setting up each digital account. Don’t be afraid to ask questions about accounts or asking for copies of all logos and images used on your website.

Document and save the usernames/logins and passwords for each account. We recommend a password manager like LastPass to store and protect that information. For storing images and logos, we recommend Dropbox, which is an online work space that stores and manages your files in a central location.

Controlling Your Digital Destiny

Remember: these assets belong to your business. Always ask questions and protect what’s yours by regularly updating passwords and keeping a backup of files.

Your agency works for you, not the other way around. You’ve spent too much time and money creating your business to not have control.

If you’re having trouble understanding what your digital assets are and how to take control of them, I’d love to talk more. Contact me by leaving a comment below or email me directly at CMotz@leadingresults.com.

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