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Boxing Gloves

Sales and Marketing Working Together is a Platitude

Conventional wisdom is that sales and marketing must work together for everyone to succeed. Marketing needs to support sales’ lead generation needs so sales can get the numbers; sales needs to give feedback to marketing so they know what programs to keep running.


Search, Geofencing, and Programmatic Advertising – Oh My!

Psst … psst … hey you … yes, YOU! Do you want to put an ad in front of your competitors’ customers while they’re still at your ...
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So Much to Learn at Inbound!

Leading Results spent the week of September 3rd in Boston at the INBOUND conference that’s hosted annually by HubSpot. With ...
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Thought Leadership - Marketing Trends for Small Business

Our founder, Dan Kraus, was recently interviewed as a Guest on the @SageNAmerica Thought Leadership podcast. 
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From Digital Brochures to Marketing Platforms: How Websites Have Evolved

This is a guest post from fellow Duct Tape Marketing Consultant Phil Singleton. Thanks for such a great post! Website and web ...
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I Don’t Need Buyer Personas for My Website

Similar to: “I need to reach too many different types of people for buyer personas to work” or “Let’s fix my buyer personas ...
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5 Things I Learned in 2013 About Marketing and Strategy

The Top 5 things I learned in 2013. 1)    Why bother selling ice to Eskimos? I’ve been in BNI chapters for years at this ...
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Thoughts On Naming a Business and/or Product Line

I’ve been working with a business startup that has had some interesting problems in researching names.   Here are 5 bits of ...
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Kmart's Advertising vs Marketing

Kmart has done it yet again with an awesome commercial that makes me like the company just a bit more.
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What's the Difference Between a Keyword and a Key Phrase?

At Leading Results, we will get asked why we nearly always use the term 'key phrase' instead of keyword. At one point in time, ...
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The 7 Website Monsters

At Leading Results, it’s not unusual for us to be brought in to fix messes. An often expensive mess that we get called on to ...
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The Tagging Pyramid

A question I often get asked is how much, and with what should I be tagging my blog posts and website pages?
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Pandering to Your Audience for Viral Discussions and Testimonials

Sometimes, we all like to be catered to - targeted very specifically.  When I was at Gen-Con 2013, a great example of this was ...
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How Well Do You Know Your Perfect Customer?

First, let’s define 'perfect customer.' The concept of a perfect customer is pretty simple – they are the ones that, if you ...
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Why I Game

I spent last weekend at Gen Con, which is North America’s largest tabletop gaming convention. I am often asked why I, as a ...
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How to Get Found In the Sea of Content

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a hot topic. How do you get found amid a sea of other websites out there? There are three ...
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