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Are You Prepared to Rebuild After a Crisis?

January 5, 2017

Having the resources to rebuild after a crisis – whether caused by nature or man – is essential for businesses and individuals alike. Sometimes it's difficult to do with grace, but hopefully you’ve built a community of support to “have your back” in case the need arises.

Leading Results is located in Concord, NC, not too far from the Charlotte riots during the week of September 20, 2016. Rather than weighing in on the controversy, I’m here to share a story about how one company responded to that crisis and managed to rebuild with grace.

rebuilding after a disasterThe Hyatt House Center City Hotel had 30 windows shattered during the protests. Hotel manager Matt Allen turned to Facebook to seek help from local artists, asking if any would be willing to paint over the boarded-up windows until they could install new glass. The post went viral, and, within 24 hours, artists were painting over the drab plywood with supplies provided by The Charlotte Art League. My friend Karla Holland was one of the artists who answered the emergency art request.

The first blog I ever wrote for Leading Results was about social media bullying and dealt with reacting to virtual damage, such as a bad review for your business or a negative Facebook comment or tweet. When your business is physically damaged and you’re an uptown landmark like the Hyatt House Center City Hotel is, the impact runs even deeper.

As they say, there’s a silver lining in everything, and with the Hyatt’s accomplishment of rebuilding after the crisis with grace, they received theirs in the form of positive – and free – publicity. The story went viral on Facebook, a local television station broadcasted about the hotel’s need, and the Charlotte Art League jumped into action; not only did this benefit the Hyatt House and the Charlotte Art League, it contributed to the healing of the community.

So, if your business suffers a crisis, physical or reputation-wise, consider these steps:

A crisis doesn’t have to derail your business permanently – it’s all about how you choose to roll up your sleeves and tackle the situation.

Brand reputation management is one of many services Leading Results can assist with, so please contact us!

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