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A New Monster Joins the Leading Results Team!

June 23, 2016

A few years ago, when we decided to use HubSpot for our clients, we found that we had to feed the content monster to leverage inbound marketing. 

roco.jpgWhat I mean here is that we needed to write lots of content that would be valuable to people who wanted to learn more about how to solve their problems. That’s when we adopted Roco (which stands for Relevant Original Creative Offers) as our mascot and made him a member of our team – and he's been consuming content for us ever since! You can read his bio here.

Roco recently came to us with an observation from all of this consumption. He said, “It's hard to find tasty and valuable content out there.” He was getting fat from consuming lame, useless content and told us that while content is still an important way to reach our clients, we should be producing less content with higher quality. 

That made a lot of sense to us, as we had been wondering about the glut of content out there and if anyone even cared to read anything anymore. So we put our heads together to create a solution to this problem.

Building a Killer Content Strategy

With Roco’s help, we found Claire Voyant!

Claire_Voyant.jpgClaire is a monster with unique abilities. She knows how to tie what you're doing today into where you want to be in the future by making sure we're looking at today but always keeping an eye on the future (like Roco, she only has one eye). For both our clients and us, this means always looking at the strategies we're using and the objectives we're moving toward and refining today’s actions to meet tomorrow's goals.

While this is something we've always tried to do, Claire is helping us kick it up a notch. She recently brought us a new tool that gives us visible data on what's happening on our clients' websites – now we can see exactly how people navigate a site and what content they want to consume in much greater detail than we were getting from Google Analytics. 

While Roco is still around to help us stay focused on creating the best content, Claire has now joined us to make sure that at Leading Results, every day is a day we're making the best decisions possible to help our clients reach their goals.

Claire Voyant, welcome to the team!

Laura Lorenz
Written by Laura Lorenz

My goal is to help businesses gain more customers through better marketing. I work with you to create lead generation programs that allow your prospects to move gently along the know, like, and trust path at their own pace. I will enable you and your team to entice fully-qualified prospects to reach out to you. As a Duct Tape Marketing Consultant, I work within the confines of a system, creating fixed steps, documenting and duplicating each step, so that I am able to quickly build foundational components. The focus then moves to operating and innovating the system. That's where the real magic lies. I work with my clients to create a strategy to get found and the tactics to do that, a complete marketing plan. My clients are small to medium size businesses that have become frustrated with their inability to "go to the next level." They value professional assistance.

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