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5 Reasons Hiring an Agency Should be Your Marketing Strategy

September 13, 2017

Smart business owners realize that outsourcing functions that aren’t core to the value they offer their customers is the key to growth. In fact, most small business owners agree that marketing isn't something they’re good at – and they don’t intend to learn.

That’s why it’s time to hire a marketing agency: you can outsource nearly every business function to a firm that will provide the service at a lower cost and higher quality than you could yourself.



Here are 5 reasons more business owners are making outsourcing their marketing strategy and seeing growth because of it!

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Access to Resources

The necessary resources for modern marketing are increasingly difficult to manage, which is why many business owners rely on outsourced partners to access those features at a lower cost than managing them in-house. These resources can include a customer relationship management (CRM) system, email marketing software, a good copy editor, a content management system (CMS), and time to manage the pieces in between.

Cheaper Than Hiring a Full-time Marketing Staff

According to PayScale, the average salary of a chief marketing officer (CMO) in the U.S. is around $160,353. This number is variable according to your location and business size, but in the end, it adds up ... fast! Add payroll taxes and health care costs and you’ve run out your marketing budget before you even started.

A More Experienced Teamoutsourcing

Working with a marketing agency that specializes in your type of customers means you get access to insights and resources that have been tested and proven in businesses like yours; chances are, the agency has taken risks before and knows what customers respond to. In addition, each team member has been chosen for their particular skill set and background.

Creative Culture

Most business owners know what they’re good at and focus on those activities. A good marketing agency thrives on a bold mix of team members, each of whom provides valuable innovation and creativity; they also offer an outside perspective that sheds a creative light on the way you market your products or services. By asking the right questions, a good agency generates fresh ideas that align with your company’s message.

“Okay, but what about…”

There are plenty of objections to hiring an outside agency to do your marketing. Maybe you’re concerned about a lack of face-to-face meetings. Video conferencing has come a long way. Do you think your products or services are too complex for an outsider to fully grasp? Niche agencies that specialize in every imaginable industry exist. Have you or someone you know been taken advantage of by an agency in the past? Unfortunately, too many business owners share this experience, but you can avoid it by asking for references and asking for a dedicated account manager to send regular reports and feedback. 

It’s Time to Pass the Marketing Baton

If you’re experiencing problems like high employee turnover, a lack of resources or skills, consistently missing budget targets, or spending too much time trying to be a marketer (when you really don’t want to be), it’s time to reevaluate your marketing strategy.

Would you like to talk more about hiring an outside agency? I’d love to chat! Contact me by leaving a comment below or email me directly at CMotz@leadingresults.com.

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