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5 Life Lessons One Might Learn While Interning For a Marketing Agency

May 10, 2016

A first thought one might have when considering an 5 Reasons to work for a marketing agencyinternship: what industry can I learn the most from? Whether this is for a potential career or for life experience in a professional setting, marketing is the most diverse field to become a part of. The reason is that marketing takes structured creativity. Every member of a marketing team has a specific job that requires a sense of community to tackle a common task to achieve a common goal. Becoming a part of a team gives you an opportunity to learn the importance of creating an idea and then executing it in a structured manner. Marketing also has a social aspect to it that some might find a little challenging but it can open up so many opportunities. However, the main reason anyone should be interested in interning in marketing is that not only do you get to watch yourself grow, but you also experience a business growing around you.

  • 1) Thinking with the Left and Right Sides of the Brain

Marketing has a perfect balance of inventiveness and structure.

There are some team members who lean towards ideas and some who lean towards structural planning. Using the right side of the brain provides originality and innovation when creating new content to delight a client. When using the left side of the brain, one may take the strategy and begin arranging steps towards a product. While working at a marketing company you’ll have the ability to work on both – depending on the tasks that are specifically assigned to you. However, given the fast-paced work environment most marketing companies work at, you will learn to shift quickly between one type of task and the other and this ability by itself is worth gold. Furthermore, many of the tasks assigned will ask you to be creative about solving a problem but to be systematic in your approach as you explain it to others, enabling you the great advantage of practicing using both your left and right brain.

  • 2) A Widespread Sense of Community

While you may be sitting in a cubical or in a secluded area, marketing is heavily a team effort. Each member works as an organ in the composition of the company’s body of work. Every job is vital to success.

Without every single piece, the business would fall apart. The community effort is key to being a successful agency.

3) The Importance of Strategy and Execution

In marketing, you always start by setting some smart goals and then structuring a series of steps that can support the goal achievement. Marketing can be very exciting when seeking to implement new ideas and learn more about their viability for your customers.

4) Jumping Out of One’s Comfort Zone

In any internship you must learn to stretch yourself. Sometimes that means you have to learn to be approachable in a social and/or professional setting. Going to events and conferences forces you to expand your knowledge and get out of your comfort zone. Becoming more articulate will also happen as you are called upon to explain what you are setting as goals to accomplish each day. A recommendation, I might add, is to take classes in public speaking or even just basic social skills and networking. This will assist you when faced with a challenging professional setting.

Growth begins where one’s comfort zone ends. 

5) Growing in More Ways Than One

Interning in a marketing agency is a great way to experience personal development. It teaches you small things you may never have known about yourself. For instance, you may have thought of yourself as a “big picture” person; however, through experience you may find yourself paying closer attention to detail than you previously had. Another example could be pushing yourself to manage your time more effectively.

Not only does interning teach you personal growth, it also provides you with the opportunity to experience a business grow around you. With each lead that becomes a client, the company expands. Most importantly, you have the chance to look at the progress that was made and be proud of your contribution.

Choosing an internship isn’t easy, but when given the choice, marketing is the way to go. The lessons one can learn from this experience are many. Some lessons might include learning how to work as a team to create and execute a plan, as well as the importance of personal growth by stepping out of your realm of comfort. There are many other reasons why marketing is the right choice — this just scratches the surface.

My recommendation: work for a marketing company.

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