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3 Ways to Maximize Your Opportunity for Leads Using Twitter

February 14, 2018

You’ll never guess what I’m here to talk to you about today – that’s right, SOCIAL MEDIA. Social media continues to be a major key to your business’s success, and it’s important to understand how to get leads with it. A popular theme right now is that Twitter is on a downslope as far as success and popularity go, but it’s not a lost cause.

Here are 3 ways to maximize your opportunity for leads using Twitter.

Build a Target Audience

This is the first thing you need to focus on because if you don’t do this correctly, none of the following steps will work.

So how do you build an audience? You certainly don’t want to pay for followers, as they won’t turn into viable leads. There are better ways to build a strong targeted following. Look for people tweeting about things relevant to your industry, as those people will be interested in seeing what you’re all about. Similarly, follow well-known people in your industry to see who else is following them and sharing their content. Also, show some creativity and humor with your posts – Twitter is an extremely sharable platform, but people aren’t likely to share content that’s boring or emotionless. If you can successfully build a strong, interested audience, you’re on your way to success on Twitter.

Bonus tip: While building an audience, keep up with your Twitter hygiene. Once you start gaining followers, bots will see this and try to follow you. Don’t let them.

Share Click-worthy Content

Content offers on your website should also be shared with your social media following. In fact, your followers expect it. They don’t want to have to look on your website to see if new content is available, they want you to tell them about it on a platform they use every day.

social media, tablet, iconsAlso remember that your followers are quickly scrolling on their phones and if something doesn’t attract their attention in the first second, they’ll just keep scrolling. How do you get them to stop? Attention-grabbing images and strong keywords, although the image is the most important, as it’s what will cause them to stop and read your keyword-rich description (hopefully). If they get that far, they’re going to need to know what to do next – if you make them guess, you’ve lost them. Twitter has done its job; it’s up to your website and landing page to do complete the task of acquiring the lead.

Twitter Cards

Twitter cards are a different way to promote your content, and there are pros and cons to it, so do your research before deciding. Let’s start with the cons. First, this is part of the paid ad service Twitter offers, and it goes to people who aren’t following you – meaning they may not want to see your content. Another downfall is that the format looks like an ad. You’re probably thinking, “Well, obviously,” but this isn’t good because social media users don’t like things that look like ads because they feel targeted and like you’re throwing a sale at them. Therefore, tip two (above) is much more effective.

marketing to millennials

Now the pros. The way Twitter chooses the people who see the ad is interesting – they target people who post things with similar keywords. They essentially do what you did when building your audience, but instead of them agreeing to follow you, they’re shown your offer anyway. Perhaps the best thing about these cards is that the viewers never need to leave Twitter to become a lead – the email address information is automatically filled in based on their Twitter profile information, and one click submits the form and downloads the content.

If you already have a strong following, this tool isn’t the best for you, so do your research.

It’s important to learn how each social platform works and which one will work best for you. These are just 3 ways to maximize your opportunities for leads using Twitter – there are many other strategies, not just for Twitter but all social platforms. If you’d like to learn more, feel free to shoot us an email at info@leadingresults.com.

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Trevor McWilliams
Written by Trevor McWilliams

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