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3 Reasons to Recycle Content

July 5, 2018

Whether it’s new blogs, ebooks, or infographics, a time will come when you feel like you’ve exhausted a topic. (You haven’t, but that’s a different conversation.) Instead of racking your brain for a new topic, look at your old content to see if it could use updating.

Here are 3 reasons to recycle old content.

It Saves TimeECO keyboard, Green recycling concept

Recycling old content saves time when you need something quickly and reduces frustration if you have writer’s block. Before you republish, though, read the content to see if updates are necessary. (This offers the bonus of refreshing your memory on older information.) To save time, keep an ongoing list of content that has the potential for recycling.

It Reboots Old Conversations

Sometimes your most viewed content was written years ago, and while that’s great for your traffic, it’s not great if the content is no longer relevant. Make the content current, so your visitors aren’t getting out-of-date information.

Another way to continue conversations is to find the blogs with the most comments. That topic sparked a conversation the first time it was published, so recycling it may spark another one. Don’t just republish it, though – update it to reflect the comments, including answering commenters' questions when possible.

Building a Killer Content Strategy

It Drives New Traffic to Your Site

Perhaps your content is still relevant, but people aren’t finding it anymore – popular keywords changed, for example, or SEO tactics shifted. Do keyword research, update the content for better SEO, and add links to your newer blogs before republishing and you’ll drive new traffic to your site.

You can’t avoid creating new content forever, but recycling old content isn’t just helpful when you’re in a crunch – it’s beneficial, too. It saves time, reboots old conversations, and drives new traffic to your site. If you’re having trouble determining what content is worth recycling – or about recycling content in general – shoot us a message at info@leadingresults.com.

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Trevor McWilliams
Written by Trevor McWilliams

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