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3 Reasons to Choose Growth-Driven Design

January 16, 2018

Website design is a daunting task for many business professionals – it requires a lot of time and thought they don’t typically include in their day.

When looking for a new website design, there are two ways to go about it:

  • Traditional method – redesign the website one time, exactly how you want it, and be done
  • Growth-Driven Design (GDD) method – redesign the website and continuously change it to improve your customers’ experience.

Here are three reasons to choose Growth-Driven Design over traditional website design.

You'll Get Your New Website Up Fasterwebsite redesign.jpg

With traditional website design tactics, you know from the beginning that after you finish the site, that's the end of the design process – your site will look that way until you decide to do another redesign. That isn’t a realistic approach because frankly nothing is going to be perfect the first time you do it. It also leads to a lot of pressure to get every detail exactly how you want it, which could ultimately prolong how long it takes to get the new website design live. However, the Growth-Driven Design process allows you to build a launch pad site and continuously change things around to create a better experience for your customers.


The biggest downfall of the traditional website design is that there's no changing it. The GDD process allows you to gather data and learn how to improve the website based on that data. Say, for example, you thought one tactic would work, but after collecting analytics, you learn no one is paying attention to that tactic. And that's ok! With Growth-Driven Design, there's no need to worry because you can make changes. An ever-changing and evolving site takes all the problems and headache away for you and makes things easier for your customers.

Refresh Your Website with Growth Driven Design

Adapt to New Trends

You just finished having your brand-new website designed, and you’re so happy with how it turned out. Things are going great, you’re getting the leads you wanted ... but suddenly things start to go downhill. Your website isn’t as effective as it was and you can’t figure out why. Well, it turns out there are new design and marketing trends that left your website in the dust, and if you want to get up to date with those trends, your only option is a new website design. With GDD, not so – there’s constant adaptation, always staying up to date. You don’t even have to consider needing a new website right after you just finished your previous one.

While both tactics will get you a new website design, one is a much smarter approach for long-term success. Growth-Driven Design is the solution to the constant worrying about if your website is going out of date or not. For more information about GDD, shoot an email to info@leadingresults.com.

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Trevor McWilliams
Written by Trevor McWilliams

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