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3 Reasons Calling Customer Support is Still Better than Using the Chat Feature

December 12, 2017

If you’re like me, you hate contacting customer support – I’ll try anything I can think of to fix the problem before forcing myself to contact customer support. The few times I need to, I wish it could be an easy process, but it just isn’t. Everything a company does should revolve around providing a positive customer experience, but sometimes the customer support doesn’t meet those expectations.

First, many companies make it difficult to find a phone number to call. My guess is that’s because they want you to contact them with their new chat feature – which is great for quick, general fixes but not advanced enough to be the main source of help for complex problems. This creates a lot of frustration and, well, isn’t the purpose of customer support to get rid of frustration?

Here are 3 reasons calling customer support is still better than using the chat feature.

Complex problems are hard to type outcustomer service, support.jpg

So, like I said, I only contact customer support if I’ve tried everything else to fix the problem. When I do need to contact them, I want it to take as little time as possible, and explaining a complex problem in a chat isn’t the easiest thing to do. It’s much easier to talk it out, and I feel like the person helping me is more likely to understand what I need. One of the other issues with typing out the issue is that you can’t tell if the support is thinking about how to fix the problem or if they’re ignoring you. On the phone, it’s just an awkward silence, but in a chat, it seems like they’re being slow.

Potential of being disconnected

My most recent reason for contacting technical support was an issue with my cable box that left a red X on my TV screen. Long story short, I tried a bunch of potential solutions, but none of them worked. They had one other thing they could do, which was to reset my router from their end. This is probably a good time to mention that I have my TV and internet connected to the same router – so when they reset my router, I lost my internet connection, disabling the chat feature I was using to talk to them. This is something that, as an expert, the support person should’ve considered would happen. When the connection came back, I got back on the chat asking for the person I just talked to, but they wouldn’t reconnect me. I had to start all over. Very frustrating.

You can’t tell if you’re talking to a person or a chatbot

Technology and chatbots are very advanced, and sometimes that can be creepy. I like to know if I’m being helped by a real person or if I’m talking to a chatbot, but they never seem to tell you which one it is. From experience, I’m going to type things differently to a bot than I would a person. To a person, I’m much more conversational, whereas to a bot I make sure to include a lot of keywords so it can figure out exactly what I need. It makes for a much smoother process if, as the user, I don’t have to make assumptions.

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Oh, and in case you were wondering about my TV problem, I finally got it solved – but only after calling them and talking to a real person who quickly let me know they would need to send me a new cable box.

Please make your customer support phone number easy to find, even if you want people to use the chat – customer support isn’t about making things better for you, it’s about making an easier and less frustrating experience for customers. Yes, chats are up-and-coming, but they are still just that. They aren’t perfect (yet) and some people just want to talk to another helpful person.

Trevor McWilliams
Written by Trevor McWilliams

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