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Episode 32: Rick Curti of the Charlotte Bats

Posted by leadingresults on Dec 10, 2018 3:39:25 PM

Host Matt Starnes welcomes special guest Rick Curti of the Charlotte Bats! Rick is the Founder And CEO Of The Charlotte Bats And Let's Bring MLB To Charlotte. The Charlotte Bats is grassroots movement to bring major league baseball to Charlotte, NC.

Charlotte Bats Origin Story

Rick started this journey about 4 years ago because he were curious to see why Charlotte and the great state of North Carolina never had a MLB franchise. He named the team the Bats from the minor league baseball team from 1994-2004 and the colors are that of the Queen City. Rick felt that this was the best representation and can see everyone go Bat crazy. Rick would like to thank everyone for all their love and support and without you, the movement would never exist. GO BATS!

Rick has created a Charlotte Bats theme song, uniforms, online store, website, and is great with social media engagement. It turns out Charlotte is on the commissioners list of potential expansion markets. Rick is hopeful Charlotte will become the 32nd team (right after Montreal). 
Matt and Rick share baseball stories, favorite players and predictions for 2019.

Listen and learn as Rick Curti shares:

  • Where a MLB stadium go
  • How to market and brand your idea
  • Social media strategy
  • Baseball predictions
  • MLB wants to go global 
  • The importance of reputation management 


Learn more about Rick and bringing MLB to CLT here. 

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