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Episode 15: Jonathan Weaver a Millennial on the Millennial Market

Posted by leadingresults on Jul 24, 2017 5:07:20 PM

Welcome to Marketing Monster Mashup, the official podcast of Leading Results!

Join host Matt Starnes for episode fifteen to hear Jonathan Weaver, a Millennial on Millennials. Jonathan is a podcaster, filmmaker, brewmaster, and more! We recorded our conversation at Sweet Union Brewing Company.

Listen to the podcast here!.

A true Millennial on Marketing to the Millennial Generation and the Millennial Market

Jonathan shares all about his newsy geeky morning routine to stay on top of it all for his Geek Trail Facebook page.

You have to hear Jonathan's take on how we've come full circle with gifs and memes and how it is a lot like how the cavemen used to communicate. 

marketing to millennials

Learn how the internet is like the wild wild west and yet we're truly in the golden age of entertainment, it's a neat perspective.

Also, Jonathan shares his viewpoint on paid content vs. giving it away for free.

Find out more information about the Geek Trail here, and all about Jonathan's Johncast on YouTube here.

Check out Sweet Union Brewing here

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Listen to the podcast here!

Topics: Marketing, Millennials in Charlotte NC, Millennials

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