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Episode 14: Boom Holistic Health and Fitness

Posted by leadingresults on Jul 11, 2017 10:14:05 AM

Welcome to Marketing Monster Mashup, the official podcast of Leading Results!

Join host Matt Starnes for episode fourteen to hear Harriett Russel, AKA Boom Hari, owner, and founder of  Boom Holistic Health and Fitness. The podcast was recorded in Harriett's backyard.

Listen to the podcast here!

Boom shares the story of how she decided enough was enough with being overweight and unhappy.

Boom took the bull by the horns and moved her life into a positive place in both mind and body.

Matt asks how Harriett starts her day. Learn the value of not only water but room temperature water. 

Learn how Boom's philosophy on the buddy system inspired her to start a physical fitness and nutrition company.

Find out more information about Boom Holistic Health and Fitness on her website here, Twitter here, Instagram here, and Facebook here!

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Listen to the podcast here!

Topics: Marketing, podcast, Health, Fitness, Personal Trainer

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