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About Leading Results

We’ve experienced thousands of growing business, with talented leaders, that provide incredible value to their clients and customers. The challenge many have is that they lack enough customers (and sometimes revenue) to grow profitably on a consistent basis.

We’ve made it our mission to help companies that have great products and services get more opportunities to “do their thing”. We specialize in long, complex, B2B sales cycles. High value engagements or product sales require education, nurturing, a mixture of tactics and a consistent approach to reach a successful conclusion. The complexity is what we thrive on.  

Dan Kraus founded Leading Results in 2009, after a twenty-five-year sales, sales management and marketing career working with companies such as SAP, Great Plains Software, ADP, Allaire, and Artisoft.

Leading Results came into being as a fractional VP of Marketing service and marketing consulting organization. In 2012, with clients asking that we run marketing for them, we pivoted to become the strategy and execution agency we are today. 

You can also check out some of our frequently asked questions to learn more.

What are we passionate about?

We are passionate about great marketing, clear messaging and systematic lead generation. We believe that process powers consistency, which results in impact and results. 

Our Team

Dan Kraus

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Darling Jimenez
President and Partner

Claire Motz
Client Success Specialist

Casey Cavin
Client Success Specialist

Trevor McWilliams
Graphic Designer

Courtney Stallings
Content Editor


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