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Why Bother With Blogging?

Oct 14, 2015 11:27:06 AM

What am I going to write about?  Who will read it?  Why should I bother? Where will I find the time?  These are the questions we most frequently hear from clients as we advise them to get blogging on their website.  Lets see if we can give you some good answers to these very valid queries.

Where will I find the time?  The short answer is, you probably won't.  Blogging, like all social media, takes raw time cycles.  You can best solve this issue in one of two ways: 1) throw money at the problem - there are lots of writers out there that will create content for you on a weekly basis at a reasonable cost ($100-$150 per blog post). But what you gain in scalability, you lose in personality (more on that later).  2) Spread the burden.  If you have 8 capable writers in your company, have each do 1 blog post per month - voila, you have 2 blog posts per week.  Have your marketing team work up a theme for a month and just have each contributor write to that theme.  Sure, it won't be publish-ready, but editing is a lot quicker and easier then creating.

Why should I bother?  Here are three good reasons (and there are many more) 1) Depth, 2) Personality, 3) Search Engines.  By depth, we mean that blogging allows you to add a layer of depth to your product, your services and your customer's experience that you don't get in a dry, factual corporate brochure.  A blog is up to date and relevant to what is happening now and doesn't get stale.  A blog also adds an element of though leadership to you company - you can get out in front with your opinions and observations.  Personality is about letting you company shine through the graphics and carefully thought out text on your website.  A blog, over time, shows the company personality - how you regard the market you participate in and the way in which you look to enrich your customers experiences.  Finally, the search engines like new content.  Those spiders they send out are hungry and they need new content to keep coming back.  A blog accomplishes that with ease.

Who will read it?  There's a joke that when you start a blog, it is probably the most private place on the internet.  And that is usually true.  But as the spiders see and catalog it;  as prospects and partners search for relevant content;  as your customer community becomes aware of it, more and more traffic will come.  You can help this out by cross posting your blog to LinkedIn, your company Facebook page and announcing posts via twitter, but organically, it will come as well.  (of course, it helps to write about what people are searching for)

Weekly Marketing Tip

What am I going to write about?  The simple answer is what do you think your target customer wants to read about.  What are the questions that are most frequently asked by sales prospects and current customers?  What calls come into your support or help desk?  Look at your customers - what are some of the successes with your product or the most unique uses have you seen?  What advice can you give to someone looking to try your product or service out?  You can also solicit your customers and prospects for the questions they most are looking for answers to. Ultimately your content should be educational, humorous, time or money saving or help people be safer and more secure.  If you hit one of those points, you are providing something worth reading.

So help people find you, find out about all the great things your company and the people in your company do and get out there and start writing.  It takes time to develop content and depth, but like any habit, once you create the momentum, it is hard to break it.
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