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Marketing Purgatory — and Salvation

By leadingresults on Oct 13, 2015 4:32:20 PM

There are 10 ways to get into marketing purgatory and 7 ways to get out.

Ways to condemn yourself to marketing purgatory:

  1. Buying an email list and sending unsolicited emails.
  2. Discounting social media.
  3. Not having a website. (Almost as bad? Having a website that says nothing about why you are unique and why customers should choose you.)
  4. Failing to define your ideal customer.

Weekly Marketing Tip

Steps to salvage your marketing soul:

  1. Clearly define your message, your value, and your ideal customer.
  2. Create a total web presence – website, social media, blog, etc.
  3. Make a schedule and stick to it.

Looking for the remaining steps? Read them on the full blog here.

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