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How Can I Create More Time for Marketing?

Oct 14, 2015 12:05:00 PM

You cannot create more time. You can only better use space. New research in to our minds capabilities to retain knowledge has shed light on a question that has been discussed for many years; how much, can our mind remember, at a time?

The study focused on ‘working memory’, that part of our mind, which refers to the temporary storage of information that still allows us to pay attention and manipulate it. Some believe that working memory is separate to any of our other memory storages, many believe that working memory is simply that part of our long-term memory that we can currently access.

Research originally suggested that our working memory cut off point was around the seven items mark. However scientists are revising that idea, when adding the limitation of no memory tricks, such as repeating items over and over or grouping them together.

Weekly Marketing Tip

We are usually good at knowing the big items but it’s the little items that trip us up. So write down everything that you need to do for sales, marketing, personal, and business. This allows you to start building a list of what you need to do.

At the beginning of your day, spend 30-60 minutes and do a brain dump of everything that you need to do. Then do the same at the end of the day. As you get better at this, it will decrease significantly.

Use a program to check off your tasks for each day. The goal is to have as much cleared as possible and have a clean calendar. If you have a few tasks left over, I’ll still give you a star. If you have a ton of tasks left over, you give me a star.


If you do this on a regular basis, you will find that you have more time for marketing and you will be less stressed!

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