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Good Video Testimonials

Sep 11, 2015 5:56:00 AM

Leaving testimonials out of your marketing campaigns is a mistake. Video testimonials are especially powerful tools for bringing in new clients, because no one wants to be the only person doing business with you – they want to be one of hundreds of satisfied customers.

Video testimonials show potential clients that others are using your service or product and are, even more importantly, willing to promote you.

To take good video testimonials, remember that:

  • a calm, quiet environment not only makes the resulting video better, it relaxes your clients
  • ambient light is better than overhead, flourescent lighting, which "washes out" your client
  • giving your clients the list of questions ahead of time gives them an opportunity to practice, which means fewer “takes” for you and less stress for them
  • conducting the session conversationally rather than as if it’s an interview allows your client to answer more spontaneously
  • offering to let your client view – and accept, reject, or request changes to – the final product will make them more likely to accept the video testimonial request
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