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Event-Triggered Marketing

Jul 31, 2015 12:53:00 PM

Event-triggered marketing is timing your marketing messages to match a chosen event or set of events –triggers – to meet the needs of your customers.

Those triggers offer a marketing and/or sales opportunity based on something that is happening in a customer's life.

What types of events can be triggers?

The secret to good event-triggered marketing is relevancy. Sending a marketing campaign about competitive college loans to a couple with no children is really just spam. 

To be relevant, you must examine customer behavior and preferences and choose the messages that best meet their concerns and/or needs – when they need to be met. Even if your messages are perfect, they won’t be effective if they aren’t aligned with the time a customer needs to make a purchasing decision.

It boils down to sending the right message at the right time because timing really is everything.

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