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Wherever they go, there you are

Dec 1, 2018 9:55:00 AM

GeoFencing is a digital advertising technique that lets you reach people on their mobile device when they enter a specified area.
For example, you can draw an electronic "fence" around your competitor's location (say, a restaurant), and everyone who enters that fence gets marked as someone you can advertise to.
The ads show up on a mobile app on their phone (yes, ads in Candy Crush are annoying, unless they're yours) or in a browser when they visit a website. 
Or maybe there’s a trade show you know your prospects are attending, but you don’t want to pay to exhibit there. Well, you can draw an electronic fence around the trade show location and advertise to everyone who attends the show.
You can even set a conversion tracking zone to see how well it works.
Those are just two simple applications of this approach.
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