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Website redesign nightmares keeping you awake?

Jul 10, 2016 10:50:00 AM

Choose your redesign agency very carefully.

Devote time and consideration when choosing a redesign agency. Look at their reputation. Ask for references. View samples of their work. (For a more in-depth look at this topic, read this)

Transparency of process is essential.            

What is your designer’s process? What will be done, when, how often will you check in, and what are the consequences of failure to deliver? Outline these in the contract from the very beginning to avoid confusion.

Get an example of what the designer would change and why.

Ask them how they would improve your existing website, both aesthetically and as a lead converting tool – remember, just because your website is pretty doesn’t mean it will “sell” your business.

Don’t forget your responsibilities.

The designer designs your site, but the content is yours. Don’t 1) make them wait for content and then complain it’s taking them too long or 2) ask them to create content. You should be working just as hard as your designer – it’s your website, so be ready to do your part.

Have a built-in agreement for your website review.

In your action plan, include a review process with the number of revisions allowed for any given page. That way, you’re satisfied with the results and don’t have to ask for additional changes before getting the last files for your website.

Don’t be unreasonable.

Don’t sign a contract and then ask the designer to do things that weren’t in the contract. Once you have paid and accepted the final product, the designer is technically done – any additional work will come with a price tag and a contract of its own.

Never pay 100% up front.

If you pay 100% up front, you lose a lot of your leverage and will have slower progress. Pay 50% up front and the remainder when the project is completed and you are satisfied. You could also collect a percentage of the agreed upon amount as your designer hits different milestones


Throw everything you just read out the window and remember that website designers are not marketers and your website redesign will not be successful unless you have a solid marketing strategy behind it.

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