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Tools to help you optimize your videos

Mar 9, 2019 10:00:00 AM

We explained why optimizing YouTube videos is so important and that top strategies include choosing good keywords and correctly tagging/categorizing your videos. But you can’t do all that with YouTube alone. 

Consider these tools for optimizing your videos.

HubSpot Content Strategy

  • Shows popular keywords and organizes them into "topic clusters”
  • Allows you to link from videos to blogs and vice-versa, which expands the traffic you can capture from people searching your topic
  • Gives you more ‘authority’ on Google and YouTube

vidIQ Vision

  • Chrome extension
  • Analyzes how and why YouTube videos perform so well
  • Breaks information down into the tags those videos were optimized for, their average watch time, and how quickly a video might gain traffic


  • Manages the production, optimization, and promotion of your videos
  • Allows you to rank for non-English keywords with an automatic language translator
  • Includes a keyword explorer, tag suggestions, a rank tracker for published videos, and more

Forecasts say that video will account for 80% of internet traffic in less than a year, and YouTube is the second largest "search engine" in the world  so if you aren't making video, it's time to start.

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