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There's a time and a place for the perfect video

Jun 1, 2017 9:48:00 AM

Video is the up-and-coming tool for creating engaging content – but a single video won’t suit each stage of the sales funnel.

Try this:

Educational videos for top of funnel

  • Educational videos aren’t blatant promotions of your brand; rather, they offer useful information to help prospects understand how their problem can be solved.

 Explanation videos for middle of funnel

  • Explanation videos allow you to explain – but again, not blatantly promote – how your company solves their problem.

 Demos and testimonials for bottom of the funnel

  • Demo videos finally allow you to blatantly showcase your features and the advantages they’ll get from working with you.
  • Testimonial videos offer “social proof” – people trust people, not businesses, so you need current customers to tell others why they chose you.

 People rarely buy on a first look, so it's important to choose the right type of video for each part of the sales funnel. (Actually, this applies to all content, not just video.)

The wrong content + the wrong time = lost customers.

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Courtney Stallings
Written by Courtney Stallings

Courtney writes and edits content for Leading Results and their clients. She has been described as a Grammar Nazi and enjoys crafting writing with excellent spelling, punctuation, and grammar.

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