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Nobody likes a mosquito

Mar 20, 2017 7:29:00 PM

Following up on a conversion is important, but sensitivity to timing might be more important. If you follow up with someone within 5 minutes of them (for example) downloading something from your website, you’ll connect with them more than 70% of the time. It’s about catching people in the moment.

But don’t make it a “sales call.” Just because they downloaded something doesn’t mean they’re ready to buy, or even engage in anything similar to a sales conversation. If, however, they ask a very specific question about pricing, they’re much further along in the buying process. It’s all about reading the buyers’ clues and taking the appropriate action.

It’s a delicate dance – follow up too aggressively by email and they may unsubscribe. Don’t follow up at all or follow up for too short a period of time and they may go to a competitor because they’ve forgotten about you by the time they’re ready to buy.

Marketing is not a “set it and forget it” part of business, and that’s never been truer than now.

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