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Microsoft doesn't break everything it touches ... it improved LinkedIn

Mar 10, 2018 9:16:00 AM

After Microsoft acquired LinkedIn in 2016, the social media giant has gone through some monumental changes.

Here are 3* of those changes.

More (and Better) Analytics

Now you can see more than just who views your profile or likes your posts – you can see which company they work for, their location, and even where they found your content.

Native Videos

Before, you could only embed video content from third-party websites like YouTube; you can now upload videos directly to LinkedIn through the LinkedIn mobile app.

New Blogging Interface

Instead of having to navigate to LinkedIn Pulse to write a blog, you’re just one click away from a slick, easy-to-use blog publishing platform.

Do you use LinkedIn? With 530 million members worldwide, it’s the world’s largest professional networking platform – so you should be.

*(You can read about other LinkedIn changes here.)

Learning LinkedIn from the Experts

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