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Make your website faster

Jul 6, 2019 10:00:00 AM

Load times of 7+ seconds equals a 113% higher bounce rate. Google scores your page speed on a scale of zero to 100.

Here’s how to achieve 100%:

Determine what’s lagging

Does your whole website have a slow load time or just a few pages?

Compress images

Large images are a common cause of slow page speeds.

Shrink HTML, CSS, and JavaScript code

Remove useless language, notes, and spaces.

Prioritize code

Prioritize your code so main content loads before sidebars, banners, etc.

Don't forget mobile

Hide or minimize desktop site elements, use auto-adjust for images and forms, etc.

Need insights? Use Google’s free PageSpeeds Insights tool.

You can also learn more about getting 100% on our partner HubSpot’s blog.

12 Ways to Improve your Website

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Courtney Stallings
Written by Courtney Stallings

Courtney writes and edits content for Leading Results and their clients. She has been described as a Grammar Nazi and enjoys crafting writing with excellent spelling, punctuation, and grammar.

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