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Make clicking irresistible with smart CTAs

May 11, 2017 8:23:00 PM

Last week, we wrote about smart CTAs and how they can change their content to offer a relevant message based on where the visitor is in the the buyer's journey. They are extremely effective because they deliver the right message to the right prospect at the right time.

Three great examples of smart CTAs are:

  • Industry-focused CTAs
    • If you serve several industries, static content can make it difficult to segment. With a smart CTA, you can offer industry-specific content without changing the overall message of your website.
  • Location-based CTAs
    • For some businesses, like real estate, location is highly relevant. A smart CTA allows you to offer house listings or agent contacts based on the visitor’s location.
  • Behavior-based CTAs
    • A visitor's actions on your website determine the content in this type of smart CTA. A new visitor on a car dealership website, for example, would see a CTA for a trade-in calculator. A returning visitor who already used the trade-in calculator might be offered a CTA for a test drive instead.

Smart CTAs are a form of personalization, and personalization allows you to show your website visitors that you care about them and their interests; it also shows prospective customers the steps they need to take to get their questions answered and their needs met.

And given the 7 seconds you have to capture a visitor's attention and the fact that 67% of online consumers have left sites after seeing an ad that wasn't relevant to them ... smart CTAs are the way to go.

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