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If you don’t measure it, it can hurt you

Mar 17, 2017 8:36:00 AM

If you aren’t using Google Analytics, what are you waiting for? It's the best, free method to understanding what is truly happening with your business's most important online asset – your website.

What does it do for you? Google Analytics:

  • Provides you with charts that show you an overview of your site’s performance.
  • Tells you when your site has peaks – the times of the day/week/month that people visit your site most.
  • Tells you where you're getting the most traffic – search engines or links to your site on other websites.


It also offers a breakdown of the quality of your site's traffic, because, on the internet, not all visitors are created equal.

Traffic quality:

  • Visitors who stay for 6 seconds – bad
  • Visitors who stay for 60 seconds – good
  • Visitors who stay for 6 minutes – better


When visiting a company's website, people decide if they can solve their problem there in less than one second. If you pass that test, you get 8 more seconds before they make another decision about staying or bouncing.

You should use Google Analytics because you should know your web stats – if you don't, how can you improve them?

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