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How to get your website redesign right

Dec 1, 2016 4:45:00 PM

Are you planning to redesign your website? Make sure you and your website developer/graphic designer consider the following things:

Separating design success from business success

A successful website shouldn’t just look pretty – it should bring more traffic, increase conversions, and improve leads. Find a designer that can make the website look good AND have an easy-to-use interface for visitors.

Not letting past errors haunt you

Your old website had errors that may not have been obvious. The point of a redesign is, again, a better looking website that provides better results. Make sure your designer looks "under the hood" so those mistakes don't follow you to your new website.

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Courtney Stallings
Written by Courtney Stallings

Courtney writes and edits content for Leading Results and their clients. She has been described as a Grammar Nazi and enjoys crafting writing with excellent spelling, punctuation, and grammar.

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