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A single letter changes so much (why an 's' is so important)

Feb 3, 2018 1:26:00 PM

In the past, only companies that asked for confidential information had https websites, and that’s because the extra “s” indicates SSL, or secure sockets layer, which encrypts a user’s connection to a site so hackers can’t intercept their data.

Guess what? Now you need it even if you don’t collect confidential information. Here’s why:

It’s better for users

Your goal is to offer a good user experience, right? Part of a good user experience includes https. (If Yahoo can suffer from a data breach, so can you.)

It’s better for you

Only 3% of online shoppers say they’d enter their credit card or contact information on a site that’s not secure. If you don't have SSL, 97% of would-be clients will take their business elsewhere.

And – because Google says so

Google considers https to be a form of SEO and offers a boost in rankings to secure websites versus unsecure competitors.

Basically: use SSL for security, as an SEO strategy, and to have more credibility with users. (And to stay on Google's good side.)

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Courtney Stallings
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