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3 free website analysis tools ... how does your site measure up?

Apr 28, 2018 9:53:00 AM

Does it ever feel like Google waits for you to feel confident about your website before updating their algorithm and making your efforts instantly obsolete?

If that's the case, consider using the website analysis tools below.

HubSpot's Website Grader

  • Generates reports about:
    • Mobile readiness: Is your website mobile-friendly?
    • SEO: Is your website easy to find by both humans and bots?
    • Security: Do you have an SSL certificate?


UpCity's SEO Report Card

  • Generates reports about:
    • Rank analysis: Where does your website rank on Google, Yahoo!, and Bing?
    • Link building: Which websites link back to your site?
    • Current indexing: How many of your site pages have been indexed?


Varvy's SEO Tool

  • Generates reports about:
    • Links: Are any of your links (internal and external) broken?
    • Image SEO: Do you have missing or weak alt text?
    • Technical SEO: Do pages have H1 tags? Meta descriptions? Etc.

 No one knows exactly how Google evaluates websites and decides which sites show and when. The above tools, however, will help you look closer at your site and see it (at least partly) how Google sees it.

Total Online Presence Audit

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