How We Do It

Effective marketing isn’t magic. It's a process. And we’re up-front about our process in helping our clients design, implement and even run their marketing system.

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We create meaningful experiences through innovation in Marketing.

Processes in marketing, sales, and operation make your difference repeatable, consistent, and scalable.

Organizational Support

We create meaningful experiences through innovation in Marketing.

Online is more than just your website – it's your social media channels, reviews on your business, the way the search engines see you – they all make up a total web presence.

Why (you do what you do)

We create meaningful experiences through innovation in Marketing.

When your "why" for being in business is tied to the difference you deliver to your customer, you have an unbeatable combination.


We create meaningful experiences through innovation in Marketing.

Your expertise sets you apart. Sharing your expertise in varied content forms helps get you known, liked and trusted by prospects, referral partners, and by search engines.


We create meaningful experiences through innovation in Marketing.

Having a clear difference that everyone in your organization embodies, that is tied to your why, allows you to continue to demonstrate your expertise and is supported by process, makes your organization entirely referable in a way you never thought possible.

Marketing Strategy Design

Sun Tzu said long ago, 'Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory. Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat.' Who are we to argue? Strategy before tactics is the first Duct Tape Marketing tenet as well.

To begin any client engagement, we start with a two-day workshop that involves your key team members – executive, sales, marketing, and customer service (after all, marketing is everything that you do). In the workshop, everyone gets on the same plan as we clearly define:

  • Your Target Market
  • Your Ideal Client Profile
  • The Buyer Persona and their buying process
  • Your Core Message and Differentiation
  • The tactics you should use to reach your prospective customer

Online Presence Development

At Leading Results, we operate from the assumption that people don’t want to be sold, but they do want to buy. So marketing, and specifically your web presence, should be about helping them make the right decisions for them.

We’ll work with you to design and build a marketing website (as opposed to a brochure website) that helps prospective customers learn about how you solve their problems and then converts them into YOUR prospects. And we’ll make sure that your social media channels are all connected in this total online approach.

Content and Offer Plan and Development

To make your marketing truly effective, so that you are educating both prospective customers and the search engines, you must publish content on a regular basis and offer your expertise and insight in a consumable manner.

Creating the plan for blogging, social updates, PR, outbound emails, and inbound offers can be complicated. However, with the foundation of the two-day workshop in place, our clients find it all makes sense and together we create both the content calendar and offers that have enough value to convert web visitors into prospects you can continue to market to.

Marketing Execution

Good plans without execution accomplish nothing. In our final step, we put the tactical calendar, content, web presence, and all supporting activities into execution mode. For some clients, we are their marketing team and take ownership of the day-to-day activities. For other clients, we work in a blended in-house/out-source mode. It all depends on your goals, staffing, and resources.

Measure and Revise

Very few things work perfectly the first time. We completely expect that messages, content, websites, and strategies will need to be tweaked and adjusted after their exposure to the real world. We believe that all marketing should be measured and that those measurements will help to inform better decisions at each point of revision. After all, marketing is a verb, not a set-it and forget-it noun.

How to Make Yourself Stand Out

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We are committed to improving our clients' marketing through innovation and expertise.

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We are excited to excite

We want to make your clients happy
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We create powerful content

We use buyer personas
to target your marketing effectively.

Transparency and quality

We have a clearly defined process
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We create innovation

We work with the latest trends
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