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How to Increase Revenue With Email Templates

December 3, 2012

Something As Simple As Standardized Email Templates Can Increase Revenue

Sales people spend far too much time on non-sales items. According to Jeff Ernst of Forrester Research, 65% of a sales rep's time is spent NOT selling! Sixty-five percent sounds crazy but I have seen it and experienced it myself.

One of the top 5 books that I recommend is Mahan Khalsa's "Let's Get Real Or Let's Not Play". In addition to his book, he also started the Franklin Covey program "Helping Clients Succeed". I was fortunate enough to take his workshop and it was awesome. One of his premises is that sales are a repeatable and definable process.

So, how can we help our salespeople? First let's assume that you have a CRM system which is critical in today's success. Second, we can give them email templates for their sales process.

Sales Process Email Examples

  1. Thank you for contacting us - I will reach out tomorrow to setup a time to speak
  2. Thank you for contacting us voice mail - I left you a voice mail and wanted to setup a time to speak
  3. It was great meeting you - here is how I can help
  4. It was great talking to you (unqualified lead) - here is some info that will help you learn more (about the subject)
  5. It was great talking to you (qualified lead) - here is some info that will help you learn more (about us)
  6. Touch base - It has been a week since we talked and I just wanted to reach out and see if I could help you with....
  7. Check in - It has been two weeks since you downloaded x, did you accomplish your goals or did you have problems?
  8. Proposal - Here is the proposal that we discussed. Please let me know if you have any questions
  9. Pre-Approval - I am glad that we are going to be able to help you, here are the next steps
  10. Approval - Thank you for the opportunity for us to help you with X.
  11. Follow-up - I wanted to thank you again for your order. I wanted to make sure that every thing met or exceed your expectations...

And the list goes on. These emails should be prepared in advance and available for use by the salespeople.

Time Waster Math

Your salesperson probably sends between 50-100 emails a day. If your salesperson sends an average of 15 emails about the sales process that could be templatized (yes, I made it up), let's assume that each email if crafted appropriately and edited takes 7 minutes.

  • 15 emails X 7 minutes = 105 minutes a day - which is 1.75 hours per day
  • 1.75 hours per day X 240 working days (I took out 21 days for vacation and holidays) = 420 hours
  • 240 working days X 8 hours = 1920 hour
  • 420 hours / 1920 hours = .218 - which is 22% of a sales reps time

You do not have to agree with the original assumptions of 15 minutes a day and 7 minutes per email. Do your own math. Even if we call it 10%, how much more could your sales rep sell if they had dedicated another 10% of their time to sales?


To be clear, marketing cannot write every email. However, for the emails that take thought, quite often those emails can be prepared in advance. Of course the salesperson could always make some adjustments. When a salesperson spends more time selling, there should be a direct correlation to an increase in revenue.

Minutes do matter – 1 hour per day is 12.5% of a persons average work time

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