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Great Local Advertising

January 29, 2013

Morris Jenkins logoOne of my pet peeves in local advertising is that these ads – radio, TV,  Cable or Newspaper – are usually not very good. The company that is advertising has spent their entire budget on buying the media, and did not leave any money to actually figure out a good advertising strategy to use the media with.

They really did not spend the time to really think about who the target customer is, what would matter to them or how to express their difference.  Usually what happens (and I know this from first hand experience since I used to sell advertising) is that a company says yes to the advertising because the ad rep has told them they can produce the advertisement (radio spot, TV spot, newspaper ad) at a very low or no cost.  So the rep asks a few questions. The producer of the spot or graphic artist asks and few more, and with enough information to get their job done, they get something done to run in the space available.  Sometimes the client gets lucky, but generally, they get a bad ad that looks like every other bad ad out there.

I want to call out an exception to this generality here in Charlotte.  And surprisingly, it comes from an HVAC company.  The type of company that you usually see promoting themselves with the only difference being faster service, or cheaper prices.

Morris-Jenkins is a heating and cooling company focused on the residential marketing in Charlotte, NC. They have a great history of service, but it is incredibly difficult to differentiate your service to people who haven’t worked with you.

There are 3 advertisements that they have run – TV and Radio – over the last 6 months that I think really set them apart.

In the first one, the owner – Mr Jenkins – and one of the technicians are talking about how busy they are and how they need to hire great qualified customer facing techs. What sets this apart for me is how they call out in the ad the high level of qualification and the great pay they have – so that they get great people who don’t leave. Not only is this an employment recruitment ad, it also does a terrific job of helping potential customers understand why Morris Jenkins is different overall. (sorry, don't have the audio of the radio spot for this)

The second is one where they emphasize that they are open till midnight – because customers should able to be comfortable at any time (and they don’t charge more for evening calls).  You can watch this one here.

The final one is an ad that really does support our troops. Morris Jenkins extends their Priority Advantage service plan for free to the spouse of any service person deployed overseas.  That is really putting your money where your heart is. Watch this one here

Full disclosure here… I am neither a customer, employee or vendor for Morris-Jenkins.  I just think they do a great job with their local spots.  If you have a company that you think does a great, consistent job with their local advertising, leave us a comment.  I’d love to have some more examples.

Dan Kraus
Written by Dan Kraus

With more than two decades of experience in sales, marketing, and go-to-market strategies, Dan Kraus has developed a deep portfolio of experiences that he now uses to help small businesses profitably grow their businesses. As an entrepreneur, Dan understands the challenges of growing a business with limited capital and human resources. As a line of business manager in larger companies such as SAP America and Great Plains Software (now part of Microsoft), his experience launching new business ventures inside reputable organizations established his reputation as a creative and effective executive that could both plan and execute within corporate confines.

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