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Our Process

How we help you achieve success


Our Process

At Leading Results, we use inbound marketing strategies to support client goals. This means that before we focus on tactics and execution we take the time to build a coherent strategy that supports business goals, brand development and execution.

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The inbound methodology is composed of three stages: attract, engage, and delight. Inbound businesses use the methodology to build trust, credibility, and momentum. It’s about adding value at every stage in your customer's journey with you.


We get it!

At some point in the last 10 years marketers forgot that they were marketing to people and began bombarding people as though they were machines. Our goal with the inbound methodology is to be convenient and easy to find for those who are looking to find you. We don't recommend pushy sales tactics and overwhelming buyers. Instead we focus on being helpful and delivering value to potential customers knowing that building trust is the foundation for any successful business.

We're not spammers or crazy advertising people but rather connectors who help people find what they are looking for, we'll help you find the people who are looking for you!

Inbound Methodology at Work - Video Example


Begin with Strategy

Our process begins with defining clear company goals and vision. We then go through your brand story and ideal persona profiles. This understanding of your target market enables us to identify the  channels that are of value to you (not every channel is right). This targeted approach enables us to reach your audience where they are while delivering an experience that doesn't disrupt but instead seeks to educate.





Marketing Like You've Never Seen

Get in touch with us today for any project you have in mind. We can help. Our promise is we will not be pitchy sales people. At the very least you will leave with great and free advice!