Read about how we helped ATC (Formally know as ECS) improve their marketing. 

ecsIf you can grow your business through referrals, and referrals alone, do that. But for most businesses, referrals are but a component of the overall business development strategy. In addition to referrals, most businesses need nurture marketing to stay in touch with prospects; continued outreach to current customers to gain additional sales; public relations activities; and an effective digital marketing strategy that includes outbound email, social media, and inbound marketing for providing educational content.

ATC Group Services found itself in a situation where the organization wanted to grow revenue and their client base on a more consistent basis, and they needed to branch out beyond just referral-driven new business acquisition. ATC and Leading Results began working together in mid-2012 with the goal of doing just that. To read the full case study, fill out the form on this page.

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