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"Anybody" is my target market

August 9, 2011

The ideal clientI was working with a company that didn’t understand who their ideal client was. When I asked them who they thought is was, they said, “Anybody who needs…"

Now, the problem with selling to “anyone” is that no one is able to see themselves in marketing directed to “anyone.”   (It's kind of like the Family Circus cartoon where that ghost named “nobody” did it). And you can’t strategically plan to serve “anybody.”  Have you ever tried to make everyone happy? It never works. “You can please some of the people some of the time…”

Successful companies understand this and narrow their focus.

So we went to work on trying to understand who their ideal client is.  We looked at their existing client list and found some commonalities among the clients that valued them, were profitable to work with and those who referred them.  These were truly their ideal clients.

We also found some clients that were huge time drains and not at all profitable. Our first step was firing those customers to allow the company time to spend in making their ideal clients raving fans!

Then, we went deeper. We took a few ideal clients that had shown to be raving fans, and we went to work to understand everything that was important to these clients – far beyond the basic demographics.

We wanted to know…

  • What brings them joy?
  • What worries do they have?
  • What challenges do they face?
  • What do they hope to gain from you?
  • What goals are they striving to attain?
  • What experience thrills them?
  • Where do they get most of their information?
  • Who do they trust the most?
  • What are their frustrations around your service or product?
  • What are their unmet needs?
  • What triggers them to buy your service or product?
  • What is their buying cycle?
  • Where do they play on the internet?
  • How do they like to consume information about your type of serve or product?

Once we had answers to these questions, we wrote a compiled autobiography of that “customer” and put a picture of one of them in it. To this day, my client has this autobiography hanging up in the office to remind them of their ideal client everyday. Now all of their lead generation efforts are directed specifically to this person. It is easy to write content because they know exactly who they are talking to. They are able to design products and programs around serving their ideal client. Their business is growing by leaps and bounds through attaining the type of client that they enjoy working with.

Do you know enough about your ideal client? Could you write that autobiography? If not, we’re here to help.

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Darling Jimenez
Written by Darling Jimenez

Darling Jimenez is a passionate graphic and web designer committed to delivering on time products that can generate leads and provide a friendly user experience. With more than 5 years of experience, she loves to stay on top of the latest design and marketing trends.

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