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Leading Results | Our History

Leading Results was born from our founder’s frustration of working with numerous, talented business owners that had the skills to serve their clients and customers but lacked enough customers (and sometimes revenue) to remain profitable on a consistent basis with the products they represented on his company’s behalf.

Dan Kraus founded Leading Results in 2000, after a 10-year sales and marketing career working with software publishers who sold their products through small technology providers. Leading Results came into being as a fractional VP of Marketing service, consulting organization, and outsourced sales team. In the three years it operated in that fashion, Leading Results was able to help a number of clients grow their business, but wasn’t itself in a position to grow and scale effectively. So Leading Results was put into hibernation for seven years while Dan went to run the national roll-out of a small business solution from SAP.

During the seven subsequent years of working with small businesses – selling to them and working with them to sell, the same story was heard over and over again from both the companies that represented the product and from those that bought it – talented people, great ideas, but not enough business to grow the way the entrepreneurs wanted to.

So, in 2009, Leading Results was dusted off with a re-written business plan. It was no longer about just doing marketing for business owners, but rather working with them to help build self-sufficiency for long-term success. But the challenge on how to do this remained. Small business owners simply couldn’t afford to spend marketing dollars on image advertising, creative briefs, and research teams to form their marketing strategies.


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In reviewing the Duct Tape Marketing system and supporting tools, it became clear that the system supported Leading Results in our mission to help small businesses to stop wasting money on marketing. The system, created by Kansas City entrepreneur and marketing professional John Jantsch, is the outcome of over twenty years of work in the real world small business marketing laboratory. Duct Tape Marketing – implemented either by coaching our clients’ staff, or implemented by us working direct with the business owner  is a way to effectively deliver simple, results-oriented and affordable marketing results for small business owners using a proven set of marketing principles and strategies.

It seems cliché to say it, but the staff at Leading Results are resolute in the belief that smaller businesses and the entrepreneurs that create and grow them are the engine of our economy.

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