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Why should I have keyword research done for me?

Posted by Randy Aimone      Date May 29, 2013 7:16:14 PM


A new client that we started doing keyword/keyphrase research for presented the following screen capture from their Hubspot account.

What we are seeing here is a "Low" number of searches (under 5 per month), their current rank and the difficulty on a scale of 1 to 100.

tough to optimize keyword

The question was, why would a keyword that nobody searches for have such a high difficulty factor?

The concept is related to "the curse of knowledge"
We know our industry better than our customers.  We know key-phrases, jargon, FLA's and TLA's.

Our customer's do not.

Since our prospects rarely use or think in those terms, we shouldn't spend our money or our time to optimize for them.

Except we do.

Traditional search engine optimization firms thrive upon delivering page 1 rankings, instead of the far superior (for the client at least) ranking system of "How many relevant hits?"

Conclusion: valuable keyword research isn't part of what SEO companies are good at. Or even do at all for that matter.
"What would you like to rank for" is the question that you are far more likely to be asked.

At Leading Results we've been coming up with some pretty awesome (it's great that we're humble) tools that help you do keyword research from the strategy first side.

Target the right keywords and win the search engine traffic game.

Want to try out our new system?  E-mail us to set up an appointment and overview and to see if our awesome keyword research process could work for you.  Email us at