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Testimonial Examples

Posted by Laura Lorenz      Date Jun 7, 2013 5:39:00 PM


We are often asked “what makes a good testimonial”?  So, this post will endeavor to help you with just that. (you can also download our testimonial worksheet to guide you read through this)

Thumbs up for TestimonialsA good testimonial should:

  • Answer your prospects common concerns. A really great testimonial should help you overcome the objections that your ideal clients have.  When existing client is discusses the objection and how it was overcome, the reader  believes it more than if you or your sales person answered the objection.
  • Be specific. It can’t just say we loved working with company xyz, it needs to say why the service or product solved the initial problem.
  • Be believable. To make a testimonial sound as credible as possible, you will want to include details like full name, business name, web address of the business and a photo. Video testimonials add more credibility. After all, would you give a fake video testimonial?
So why are testimonials so effective?