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3 Ways to Maximize Your Opportunity for Leads Using Twitter

Posted by Trevor McWilliams | February 14, 2018


You’ll never guess what I’m here to talk to you about today – that’s right, SOCIAL MEDIA. Social media continues to be a major key to your business’s success, and it’s important to understand how to get leads with it. A popular theme right now is that Twitter is on a downslope as far as success and popularity go, but it’s not a lost cause.

Here are 3 ways to maximize your opportunity for leads using Twitter.

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How to Get your Employees to Help with your Social Marketing

Posted by Darling Jimenez | February 6, 2018


How do you get someone to do something they don’t want to do? A quintessential question asked by wives/husbands, children, parents, and – you guessed it – marketers and salespeople everywhere. 

Many books have been written on the power of persuasion, the science of likability, and a myriad of tactics to encourage someone to do something they aren’t enthusiastic about doing. From personal experience, I can tell you that this feat is quite difficult to accomplish. Fighting against the grain can be pointless – instead, try appealing to someone’s intrinsic motivations and tying them to what you want them to do.

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Social Media Relationships vs Face-to-face Relationships

Posted by Laura Lorenz | November 7, 2017


I had a conversation with someone who asked me if I thought the relationships they’re building on social media are as strong as the ones they build face to face. Interesting question. Let’s look at the pros and cons of each type of relationship.

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Do You Find Producing Content and Participating in Social Networks Exhausting?

Posted by Laura Lorenz | February 6, 2017


I recently participated in a roundtable discussion at the Cabarrus County Chamber of Commerce. The focus was the changing face of social media, and the conversation was eye-opening. Due to working in the marketing industry, I take a lot for granted; what I quickly understood is that most small businesses have no idea how to generate business through social networking.

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Social Media for Medical Practices

Posted by Courtney Wachob | May 24, 2016


Are you a medical provider who can’t decide if social media is right for you and your practice? This blog offers some information about the most popular social media sites – LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram – so you can make an informed decision about which are best for you.

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None of my customers use Social Media

Posted by Dan Kraus | October 13, 2015

I must hear this 5 times a week. Let me tell you – you are wrong. Maybe the guy signing the check for your product or service doesn’t use a social channel, but his team that is doing the research, reference checking and overall selection filtering are. Guaranteed.

Millennials – Those folks born in the 1980’s came of age connected with the internet and social media.  Theyare in their 30’s now and hold positions of real responsibility. They are the most educated generation ever and they feed on organic trust. The kind you can’t build with advertising. They crowd-source information – reviews, feedback, ideas – and if your product or service is up to par, or they can’t find good things written about by peers, you pretty much don’t exist. 

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Bad Service In the Age of Social Media

Posted by Darling Jimenez | February 9, 2015


I was driving on the I-85 highway in Charlotte, NC when I noticed my car began to slow down. With speeds that are typically above average, I-85 is the worst place for this to happen. Car after car zoomed pass me. In the meantime, my car continued to slow, 60, 50, 40 … I quickly realized that I was in trouble and needed to pull over. At the next available exit I did and the car suddenly shut down in the middle of the right turning lane

Petrified, I immediately called my insurance company who promptly sent a tow truck. What followed was perhaps one of the worst customer service experiences I will ever have.

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Creative Use of Social in B2B Marketing

Posted by Dan Kraus | October 19, 2014


I had the opportunity to do three presentations at the eXtremeCRM conference two weeks ago in Las Vegas and I wanted to give a shout out to the folks from The Portal Connector for Dynamics CRM for the way they leveraged social media for B2B marketing during the conference.  (They took the same approach at the Microsoft WPC) 

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Five Ways to Use Testimonials to Generate Leads

Posted by Dan Kraus | October 2, 2013


Testimonials from your clients (or partners) are traditionally used in the sales process to help a prospect develop trust. Trust that you or your product does what you say it does. What many businesses miss however, is the opportunity to use their customer testimonials to generate new inquiries and leads.

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Connections, connections everywhere, and not a one to pitch

Posted by leadingresults | July 8, 2013


“I have over 6,000 linked-in connections!” 

I met a small business owner this week who made the previous boast.  And yet later in the same conversation he lamented how it seems that for all the hard work he's done in developing his LinkedIn network, it really isn't helping him develop any real connections or sales opportunities.

And this is where today’s discussion of social networks will start.

We, as humans, can really only maintain up to about 250 active social connections at one time- and even fewer (less than 15) as our “immediate tribe or family”. As soon as you are over that number, you have what are termed “Facebook friends”  Not people on the proverbial Christmas card list, but people who you know of, and know of you. We do not however think of our Facebook friends regularly or first when we look to make referrals and introductions- they simply aren’t and can’t be top of mind.

This is also, by the way, why weekly referral groups like BNI can be much more effective than monthly chamber of commerce type events.

So our business owner with 6,000 Linked in connections, it seems to me, may not have any real connections at all.   What they do have is an advertising platform to attempt to reach and connect with people who have connected with him… likely to do the exact same thing! (connect without connecting!)

This is a perfect example of a very broad network-  lots of very weak connections.

How should they use that social media platform?

Two answers:

1) As a content based advertising platform following the 10:4:1 rule of thumb:

  • 10: Re-broadcasting 10 pieces of other people’s content relevant or interesting content to your connections (content that reinforces who you are/what you believe).
  • 4: Initiating and promoting 4 pieces of your content that you’ve created/written/had commissioned/etc.
  • 1: One direct sales promotional piece that is a direct promotional offer.

If you generate a ton of content, you can start to exchange the 10/4 numbers.  I’d start to define a ‘ton’ of content when you are producing at least 30 pieces of content a month.

2) As an introduction engine:   I’m looking for a _________ to connect with ___________.
Being at the center of a pleasant introduction can significantly ‘deepen’ the connection with both of the people.  We, of course, like people that help us, and that we help.  If said business owner started listening for referral/introduction opportunities, they can have a much better shot of quickly deepening those connections.

So what are you doing with the social connections you have built? Or have you been holding off building the connections because you didn't know what to do?  We're happy to help you figure out how to use social channels in your business development mix.  Give us a ring or drop us an email.

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