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Semantic search is here, and it will change your SEO strategy

Posted by Matt Starnes | May 24, 2018


Do you feel like your SEO strategy team is constantly trying to keep your content and organic search strategy up to Google’s standards? It’s almost like trying to impress a date – we need the right lines (keywords), or Google won’t ask us out again. Like a good dinner date, Google’s algorithms are looking for conversational language, not one-word answers and dead-end questions.

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Posted by Darling Jimenez | March 11, 2015


During my time working as a free lancer I often came across people who had little to no idea aboutmarketing, managing a website, or promoting themselves in the digital world. This made for a lot of interesting experiences and some frustrating encounters. One of these memorable encounters happened at a NYC Soho Starbucks on Spring Street where I met up with a physical trainer.

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