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What's the Difference Between a Keyword and a Key Phrase?

Posted by leadingresults | November 11, 2013


At Leading Results, we will get asked why we nearly always use the term Key Phrase instead of Keyword.

At one point in time, keywords were good enough to get the rankings on Google you were looking for, assuming you were willing to pay someone enough to create the right number and types of links.

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The Tagging Pyramid

Posted by leadingresults | September 22, 2013


A question I often get asked is how much, and with what should I be tagging my blog posts and website pages?

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How to Get Found In the Sea of Content

Posted by leadingresults | August 4, 2013


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a hot topic. How do you get found amid a sea of other websites out there? There are three main ways that you can get found online. The easiest way (please be clear, I did not say best!) is to buy Pay-per-click advertising. The second easiest way (again, not best!) is to hire a firm that specializes in SEO and hope they can get you listed where you want, without getting you blacklisted. The third way is go do good old fashioned content publishing. Let's take a quick look at all three methods.

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Search Engine Optimization core differences between 2008 and today

Posted by leadingresults | June 22, 2013


A core change of search engine optimization techniques between today and just a few years ago are the referred to "Panda" and "Penguin"-  Apparently because no understanding of Google is complete without a trip to the zoo?

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Why should I have keyword research done for me?

Posted by leadingresults | May 29, 2013


A new client that we started doing keyword/keyphrase research for presented the following screen capture from their Hubspot account.

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Attracting new business means leaving the "in" crowd

Posted by Laura Lorenz | January 15, 2013


Most businesses are like teenagers.  They say they want to be different.  They say that they want to be able to express themselves and want to stand out in from the crowd.  If you have teenagers or have interacted with teenagers, most do the exact opposite.  They dress alike, the follow the crowd when it comes to music and places to hang out.  If you have ever dropped off or picked up a teenager at high

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Why SEO is Dying, and How to Win Anyway

Posted by leadingresults | December 16, 2012


In nearly every major logarithm change that Google puts out-generally about one per year, Google makes changes that drive Search Engine Optimization companies crazy.

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Content Based Search Engine Optimization

Posted by leadingresults | November 26, 2012


Search Engine Optimization used to be, at one point, about selecting words that someone might logically type in to search for your business and generating 1 bazillion links to said page from anywhere and everywhere.

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If Your SEO is so good, why am I getting SPAM emails?

Posted by Dan Kraus | May 8, 2012


I got the following email below the other day, and after thinking about it for a minute, all I could do was think about it and then laugh.  If you are an SEO company and make your living helping others get found, why are you sending me unsolicited emails for your service?

Don't you get that SEO is about helping people who are looking for your products or services find you.  And if you are an SEO expert, shouldn't I be finding you when I search - you really should not have to solicit me with a cold email.  So the quick lesson here - make sure the way you are marketing your business fits in with both the image you want to portray AND with the way your potential customers would encounter you.

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If I ran your marketing

Posted by Dan Kraus | August 28, 2011


The following is a letter that I composed recently for a client. All the names have been changed, but the points and processes are valid for most small businesses; especially those that sell services that require a lengthy sales cycle. If this resonates with you, take a few minutes to drop us a line or complete the brand audit questionnaire and lets spend some time talking about Leading Results can help you execute this.

Dear Client

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