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Your 2018 Marketing Makeover – Tips for Getting Results from Your Marketing

Posted by Darling Jimenez | January 11, 2018


Just like at the beginning of every year, you’ve seen a million articles talking about how you can be your best self and improve your business and marketing in 2018. This is one of those blogs, and somehow you’ve landed here – yay for SEO search volume on “2018 makeovers.”

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Marketing overload

Posted by Laura Lorenz | July 1, 2014


Over the past 2 weeks I have inundated with information about how much the world has changed in the past 30 years. From trying to explain to young staff about the emergence business software needed to track and maintain inventory for manufacturers and distributors, to a great presentation by Scott Brinker discussion the almost impossible progression of marketing technology, to National Geographic’s series on the 80’s. Wow, I can’t believe I have lived through all of this and still have a mind to think!

The marketing guru’s have been writing about marketing automation and technology changing the average marketers life for several years now, but it was never as clear to me as it is now. Most growing businesses are trying hard to take advantage of the changes, but it is really to keep up. Even the guru’s find it hard!

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5 Things Learned in 2014 about marketing and strategy

Posted by leadingresults | January 12, 2014


The Top 5 things I learned in 2013.

1)    Why bother selling ice to Eskimos?

I’ve been in BNI chapters for years at this point, and when I joined a chapter just outside my new home of Charlotte, I seemed to have some real trouble breaking in and getting quality (or even quantity of referrals).  Heck, our Bite Sized Business Development program came out of the desire to provide better quality to a larger quantity of small businesses.

What I realized is that once someone has a solution, even if yours is better, is that they will stick with the momentum. 

This is why incumbents usually win elections too.

In my chapter, there were already key, pre-existing relationships with a marketing consultant who had to leave the chapter, and was already well connected with most of the members of the group.   And he continued to get the referrals and connections.

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