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How Pursuing Your Life’s Passions Can Increase Your Lead Generation

Posted by Kimberly Hughes | November 16, 2016


On the most basic level, client relationships are relationships you've thoroughly cultivated; business opportunities you've identified, nurtured, and closed. In a traditional mindset, one cultivates business opportunities from business networking, referrals, and website and marketing activities. All three are completely viable forms of lead generation, but by focusing only on those three activities, you’re missing the bigger picture.

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Will Inbound Marketing Solve My Lead Generation Problem?

Posted by Dan Kraus | December 7, 2013


The short answer is no. But the short answer is never the complete answer.

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How Can a Small Business Marketing Consultant Help?

Posted by Dan Kraus | October 22, 2013


Once upon a time, there was a technology firm that thought they had it all together. They had a couple of good sales folks and two marketing managers. Their website was based on a modern, up-to-date platform. The year was poised for success and growth from a 4m firm to a 5.25m firm.  Then, in a blink of an eye, it all changed. One salesperson left and one of the marketing staff left, and now the owners were back to working IN the business instead of ON the business. And with two staff members gone, the remaining staff felt overwhelmed and left behind.

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Why Getting Testimonials May Be Difficult

Posted by Dan Kraus | October 15, 2013


All consumers, business or personal, go through the process of getting to know, like, and trust your organization or team before they will try your products/services and buy from you. Testimonials and case studies from your current clients are a key component in building trust. If you are having a difficult time getting testimonials, it may be time to do a little digging to see what is really going on with your organization.

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Five Ways to Use Testimonials to Generate Leads

Posted by Dan Kraus | October 2, 2013


Testimonials from your clients (or partners) are traditionally used in the sales process to help a prospect develop trust. Trust that you or your product does what you say it does. What many businesses miss however, is the opportunity to use their customer testimonials to generate new inquiries and leads.

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I need a website

Posted by Dan Kraus | August 16, 2013


So, if you are saying you need a website, I am going to assume you are right. It might be for your business or for your cause. Or maybe its because you have a website, but it isn’t working for you; that is, not accomplishing the goal you have for it to increase your business.

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How to Get Found In the Sea of Content

Posted by leadingresults | August 4, 2013


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a hot topic. How do you get found amid a sea of other websites out there? There are three main ways that you can get found online. The easiest way (please be clear, I did not say best!) is to buy Pay-per-click advertising. The second easiest way (again, not best!) is to hire a firm that specializes in SEO and hope they can get you listed where you want, without getting you blacklisted. The third way is go do good old fashioned content publishing. Let's take a quick look at all three methods.

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Connections, connections everywhere, and not a one to pitch

Posted by leadingresults | July 8, 2013


“I have over 6,000 linked-in connections!” 

I met a small business owner this week who made the previous boast.  And yet later in the same conversation he lamented how it seems that for all the hard work he's done in developing his LinkedIn network, it really isn't helping him develop any real connections or sales opportunities.

And this is where today’s discussion of social networks will start.

We, as humans, can really only maintain up to about 250 active social connections at one time- and even fewer (less than 15) as our “immediate tribe or family”. As soon as you are over that number, you have what are termed “Facebook friends”  Not people on the proverbial Christmas card list, but people who you know of, and know of you. We do not however think of our Facebook friends regularly or first when we look to make referrals and introductions- they simply aren’t and can’t be top of mind.

This is also, by the way, why weekly referral groups like BNI can be much more effective than monthly chamber of commerce type events.

So our business owner with 6,000 Linked in connections, it seems to me, may not have any real connections at all.   What they do have is an advertising platform to attempt to reach and connect with people who have connected with him… likely to do the exact same thing! (connect without connecting!)

This is a perfect example of a very broad network-  lots of very weak connections.

How should they use that social media platform?

Two answers:

1) As a content based advertising platform following the 10:4:1 rule of thumb:

  • 10: Re-broadcasting 10 pieces of other people’s content relevant or interesting content to your connections (content that reinforces who you are/what you believe).
  • 4: Initiating and promoting 4 pieces of your content that you’ve created/written/had commissioned/etc.
  • 1: One direct sales promotional piece that is a direct promotional offer.

If you generate a ton of content, you can start to exchange the 10/4 numbers.  I’d start to define a ‘ton’ of content when you are producing at least 30 pieces of content a month.

2) As an introduction engine:   I’m looking for a _________ to connect with ___________.
Being at the center of a pleasant introduction can significantly ‘deepen’ the connection with both of the people.  We, of course, like people that help us, and that we help.  If said business owner started listening for referral/introduction opportunities, they can have a much better shot of quickly deepening those connections.

So what are you doing with the social connections you have built? Or have you been holding off building the connections because you didn't know what to do?  We're happy to help you figure out how to use social channels in your business development mix.  Give us a ring or drop us an email.

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When your digital and online marketing is working

Posted by Dan Kraus | July 2, 2013


Here is a note we recently got from a client.  Names have been changed to keep anonymity, but the results are clear.

"Last week a company called XYZ widgets visited our web site. They were in our CRM system, but we didn’t have them in our pipeline due to management changes and difficulty getting through to speak with someone. Our sales team member called the company after their visit to our website was recorded and reported through the Visitor Insights tool that you installed on our website.  We had an appointment with them this morning. The salesman sent them the link to the video page that we recently got put up with your help and two people from the company viewed the videos. They told us that because of the videos they felt they needed to take a closer look at our product.  This represents approximately $75,000 to $90,000 in potential business that we would have missed out bidding on."

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4 Months of Lead Optimization - using inbound marketing

Posted by leadingresults | June 17, 2013


I considered labeling this post/case study “Why your blogging isn’t working” but instead, I’m presenting the results for an HVAC client of ours in NY who had been using inbound marketing via Hubspot since February.

I just started doing this case study when I was asked:

 "One of my friends said he tried blogging and it didn't work at all for him.    How do you know if this blogging and 'inbound marketing' is working for us?"

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