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Why I Game

Posted by leadingresults | August 25, 2013


I spent last weekend at Gen Con, which is North America’s largest tabletop gaming convention. I am often asked why I, as a business professional, play – and enjoy – tabletop games.

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Tales From the Dark Side of Multi-tasking

Posted by leadingresults | May 11, 2013


Our last weekly tip was on how your audience experiences your company. As it turns out, I misspelled several words in the email...grrrr. Of course, the reason was because I was multi-tasking and in a hurry. I was writing the email, moving our email service to Hubspot for the first time and watching my two and a half year old twins, which was a bad combination! The 'experience' that our readers got from our tips could not have been great, because of the mistakes. How ironic.

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Small Business Branding Revisited

Posted by Dan Kraus | April 18, 2013


A couple of years agoI wrote on small business branding.  My point then was that in a small business, you are the brand. And I still agree with that, more than ever. But I want to take it further.

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Launching a New Product

Posted by Dan Kraus | March 2, 2013


I love this idea but is there a demand for this new product or service? Will someone buy it? For most small business owners and entrepreneurs, this is the question they ask when presented with an idea – either their own or someone else’s.

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What I Know for Sure

Posted by Dan Kraus | December 21, 2012


note:  This was originally published as a newsletter article, but we've had numerous requests to make it more share-able, so repurposing to our blog.  If you'd like to get our content via email or our newsletter, be sure to sign up on the site.

At the end of the year, I, like many business owners, get a bit thoughtful. I am thinking about the year coming to the end and the year coming up.  Business goes on - its just the calendar turning over - but the reality is that humans, throughout history, have marked turning points in the cycle, and the new year is one of those.

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What can we learn from a 3-footed Squirrel?

Posted by Dan Kraus | August 30, 2012


This article was originally in one of my clients’ (and a friend) newsletter.  I thought it was worth the reprint because while they are the most frustrating of creatures to battle with, squirrels (aka Pole Rats) do get my admiration for their adaptability and persistence – great qualities for all marketers.  So thanks to Bob Jones of for this content.

So, what can we learn from a 3 footed squirrel?

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We’re Back – The Pause is Over

Posted by Dan Kraus | July 17, 2012


This blog has been a bit vacant for the past six weeks. Not a good thing for a company that preaches and teaches content based marketing. So what happened? Well, the same thing that happens to many of the clients we work with.  Life got in the way.

I frequently tell our clients that we understand the challenges of marketing and business development in a small company, because we are a small company.  Sometimes people go out on Family Leave.  Sometimes a key employee leaves.  Sometimes there is just to much urgent and important stuff that just comes up and marketing gets pushed to the side for a bit.  And you know what?  That’s okay, as long as you recognize it as a temporary shift in priorities and not a shift in strategy.

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Resolved to get accountability

Posted by Laura Lorenz | May 21, 2012


At the beginning of this year I committed to getting back in shape. I knew that I had let things go and if I wanted feel better and stay alive longer, I needed to put together a consistent exercise plan. In January, I decided to buy some exercise DVD’s and said to myself  “I will get up every morning and exercise before work.” The next morning I woke, put on my sneakers and began. It felt pretty good to get back at it!

Well as most of you have experienced, I started strong and then little by little, day-by-day I found excuses to blow off my plan. At first I missed maybe one day a week - you know how it works, you roll over hit the alarm and promise to work out later in the day.  That never happens. Then you promise you will do it every day but you do it for less time.  By mid February, I was down to maybe one day a week for 15 minutes at most. I let myself down and yet again didn’t follow through on what I knew was very important to my health and sanity.

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Self Type Your Way to Success

Posted by Dan Kraus | March 20, 2011


--This post was originally published on Biznik--

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Leave your assumptions at the door - See what happens

Posted by Dan Kraus | February 2, 2011


This section below in red was part of a post recently posted atChris Brogan’s Escape Velocity Blog by Rick Dixon

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