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Your Secret Weapon (For Sales, Marketing, and Customer Delight)

Posted by Dan Kraus | April 24, 2018


I often get asked, “What’s the magic bullet?” or “What’s something I can do that no one else is doing?” Sometimes that question is related to marketing. Sometimes sales. Sometimes customer satisfaction (or, as I prefer, customer delight).

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One Thing to Improve Sales and Marketing Effectiveness

Posted by Dan Kraus | December 1, 2016


Question: What is one thing you can do to improve your sales effectiveness and the impact of marketing for your technology company?

Answer: Improve your customer delight.

But that’s easier said than done, and if you think that customer satisfaction is the same as customer delight, you’re missing the point. Look at it this way: as consumers, we are frequently satisfied with our purchases – but we are rarely delighted. Satisfaction is best defined as “your expectations have been met.” “Delighted” indicates that your expectations were exceeded.

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True Customer Delight

Posted by leadingresults | April 12, 2010


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