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Nurturing a Long Sales Cycle: A Closer Look at Buyer Personas

Posted by Kimberly Hughes | November 30, 2017


In my last blog, I offered three things you need to know as you nurture a lead through a long sales cycle. Each point is so important that I’m focusing my next several blogs on these points: the buyer persona, your unique sales cycle, and sales and marketing alignment.

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Do You Know Your Buyer Persona?

Posted by Matt Starnes | October 18, 2015


My fiancé watches the reality competition show Project Runway. So I watch the reality competition show Project Runway. Most times I end up catching up on some reading or review my work game plan for the week. This episode was different. The JustFab fashion director Yuchin Mao introduced five style personas, and the designers had to create sellable, wearable looks based on the style personas. The topic immediately peaked my interest.

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The Correct Use of Content

Posted by Susan Grewell | July 13, 2015


Like many, I enjoy running outdoors and I often run in my neighborhood. Along with this penchant, I also love nature and particularly trees. So as I run in my neighborhood I am often captivated by the beauty of the trees there – and occasionally, saddened.

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Without a Persona, Just STOP

Posted by Laura Lorenz | February 2, 2015


I recently attended the first meeting of the West Chester PA HUG. For those of you who don’t know what HUG is, it is a HubSpot Users Group. As a marketing consultant in the area, I was excited to see this group form. There were about 25 partners, end users and people who were interested in learning more about HubSpot and InBound marketing.

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Personas Risk Leading Your Marketing Astray

Posted by Dan Kraus | October 13, 2014


I could not agree more with Tim Reisterer and his recent article in the Sales and Marketing magazine. (You can read the article here, on pages 22-23.)

It’s a great article and dead on point. Personas are an excellent way for marketers to paint a broad picture of those they are trying to attract, helping unseasoned marketers get a grip on the idea of whom they’re writing to and creating programs for. Personas also help shape the language you use in your marketing collateral and tactics while providing a common language to use inside an organization as they talk about different prospective customer roles.

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Learn from the marketing brilliance of the ALS Bucket Challenge

Posted by Darling Jimenez | August 26, 2014


It’s everywhere, dominating your Facebook news feed and your TV screen. You cannot get away from it because from George Bush to Lady Gaga, everybody is doing it. The ALS bucket challenge has managed to leverage social media to raise awareness and massive donations ($80 Million as of yesterday). But why has the ALS Bucket challenge been so successful?

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I Don’t Need Buyer Personas for My Website

Posted by leadingresults | April 14, 2014


Similar to: “I need to reach too many different types of people for buyer personas to work” or “Let’s fix my buyer personas after I get this (fill in the blank) marketing activity done.”

Your message or offer has to have a clearly identified target in order for your marketing to be effective. Or said differently, “anyone” or “everyone” automatically qualifies as “no target” and hence, attracts nobody.

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5 Things Learned in 2014 about marketing and strategy

Posted by leadingresults | January 12, 2014


The Top 5 things I learned in 2013.

1)    Why bother selling ice to Eskimos?

I’ve been in BNI chapters for years at this point, and when I joined a chapter just outside my new home of Charlotte, I seemed to have some real trouble breaking in and getting quality (or even quantity of referrals).  Heck, our Bite Sized Business Development program came out of the desire to provide better quality to a larger quantity of small businesses.

What I realized is that once someone has a solution, even if yours is better, is that they will stick with the momentum. 

This is why incumbents usually win elections too.

In my chapter, there were already key, pre-existing relationships with a marketing consultant who had to leave the chapter, and was already well connected with most of the members of the group.   And he continued to get the referrals and connections.

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